ME360 Leadership Programs
ME360 Leadership Programs

What We Do

The ME360 team delivers customized leadership development programs. Our team takes the time to get to know our clients and culture and identify their unique challenges. Our process is research-based, confidential, and unbiased. Our actionable programs are designed around your goals. We are collaborative and make real-time adjustments to continuously improve outcomes. Our programs are recurring and are impactful and fun.

Problems We Solve
Our programs include a semi-custom curriculum. We make sure our training content aligns with our clients’ needs.
We have built-in accountability for participants to transfer key takeaways back to the job. These takeaways are actionable and lead to improved leadership behaviors.
Our training programs are measured in multiple ways to ensure program effectiveness. The goal is to provide a transformational growth experience that benefits the individual and organization.
We work with clients to design high-quality programs that increase engagement, strengthen culture, and enhance performance. All these benefits help fill your leadership pipeline.

Who We Serve

We serve Texas utilities, municipalities, and businesses who want to develop their future leaders. We partner with HR, L&D, and executive leadership teams to support their current initiatives.

We work with clients who invest in their people and operate with strong values and an ethical culture. Sorry, we only work with businesses that align with our values and mission.

Public Utilities

We help develop leaders and teams who provide local infrastructure and essential services.


We help those who are stewards of our cities and keep our communities strong.

Small Businesses

We help business
owners scale through
leadership coaching and
HR best practices.”

The Benefits of Working With Us

We believe strongly that a carefully planned and well executed leadership training program will provide our clients with a competitive advantage regarding workforce engagement through higher retention and lower turnover costs. ME360 has extensive experience in creating and implementing leadership development programs that provide you an outstanding customer service experience.

How We’re Different

  • We get to know our clients
  • Learn what they actually need
  • Semi-custom content (not off-the-shelf)
  • Work with local utilities and municipalities in Texas
  • Centrally located in New Braunfels, Texas
  • Deliver programs in person, virtually, or hybrid
  • 10+ years proven track record
  • We’re easy to work with
  • We’re efficient, organized, and prepared
  • Continuously make real-time adjustments
  • Create networks for our participants to leverage

Frequently Asked Questions

ME360’s leadership development programs aim to provide participants with research-based leadership principles and practices to support their growth and effectiveness as leaders. Our primary objective is to grow individuals to become more capable, influential, and visionary leaders.

ME360’s leadership development programs benefit a wide range of individuals at different levels within organizations. Our programs are valuable to employees and people managers who wish to enhance their leadership skills.

Here are some examples of groups that should consider participating in ME360’s leadership development program:

• Aspiring leaders
• New managers
• Mid-level managers
• Senior executives
• High-potential employees
• Employees in key positions
• Cross-functional leaders
• Entrepreneurs and business owners
• Nonprofit and community leaders
• Individuals seeking personal growth

ME360’s leadership development programs cover a wide range of topics aimed at cultivating effective people skills and habits, and leadership mindset. The topics covered in a given program can vary depending on the goals of the program, target audience, and duration.

Here are some popular topics that are frequently included in ME360’s leadership development programs:

• Leadership Styles and Approaches
• Communication Skills
• Decision-making
• Emotional Intelligence
• Strategic Thinking
• Conflict Resolution
• Motivation and Inspiration
• Problem-solving
• Team Building and Collaboration
• Time Management and Prioritization
• Coaching and Mentoring
• Change Management
• Innovation and Creativity
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Resilience and Adaptability
• Ethical Leadership
• Personal Development
… and so much more!

ME360’s leadership development programs typically consist of several components that work together to provide participants with a comprehensive and impactful learning experience. These components are designed to foster leadership skills, personal growth, and organizational effectiveness.

Key components include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Pre-Program Assessments
• Curriculum Design
• Interactive Training Sessions
• Breakout Discussions
• Team Building
• Experiential Learning
• Individual Coaching and Mentoring
• Self-Assessments
• Action Learning Projects
• Networking Opportunities
• Evaluations and Benchmark Measures
• Alumni Integration

These components work together to create a holistic and impactful leadership development program that empowers participants to become more effective, confident, and influential leaders in their respective roles and organizations.

The duration of ME360’s leadership development programs can vary significantly depending on objectives, complexity, and the specific needs of the participants and organization.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as our programs can range from short, intensive sessions to long-term initiatives spanning several months or even years.

Below are some of our popular types of leadership development programs and typical durations:

Power Sessions: These are brief, focused sessions that may last for 2-4 hours. They often cover specific topics or skills and are designed to provide a brief overview or introduction to leadership concepts.

Retreats: These programs typically span a couple of days to a week. They offer a more comprehensive exploration of various leadership topics and allow participants to engage in experiential learning and application.

Multi-Month Programs: Leadership development programs that last 6-12 months often provide a more in-depth learning experience. They may include a combination of in-person, virtual, or hybrid learning experiences.

Long-Term Engagements: Some organizations invest in continuous learning and development opportunities for their people. These programs may extend up to 5 years or longer.

Nomination-Based Leadership Development Programs: In some cases, participants may be selected from across the organization to develop their leadership skills and network. These cohort programs typically last for several months and often culminate with a completion ceremony.

The choice of program type and duration depends on various factors, including the depth of leadership development desired, the time commitment participants can make, the organization’s resources, and the desired outcomes. Shorter programs can effectively target essential skill-building, while longer programs allow for more comprehensive growth and transformation.

Ultimately, the most successful leadership development programs are those that align with the participant’s needs and the organization’s goals, while providing meaningful and transferable learning opportunities.

ME360’s leadership development programs and traditional training initiatives both aim to enhance skills and knowledge. However, they differ in several important aspects (see table below).

While traditional training remains essential for building job-specific competencies, our leadership development programs play a crucial role in nurturing leadership potential, fostering organizational growth, and preparing leaders to navigate complex challenges and lead teams effectively.



Focus on Leadership Skills

Focus on Specific Job Skills

Holistic Approach

Job-Specific Approach

Builds skills that are transferable and adaptable

Emphasizes job-specific tasks and procedures

Targeted at leaders

Designed for all employees

Duration varies significantly

Often shorter in duration

Covers broad range of leadership topics

Concentrate on specific skills or processes

Aims to create a pipeline of skilled and capable leaders

Focuses on immediate skill development

Contributes to long-term success and sustainability of the organization

Directly impacts individual job performance

Measuring the effectiveness of leadership development programs is essential for organizations to ensure that their investment yields positive outcomes.

Here are some common methods and metrics ME360 uses to measure the effectiveness of our leadership development programs:
Participant Feedback: Gathering feedback from participants through surveys is a valuable starting point. Participants can provide insights into their perceived learning outcomes, program relevance, and overall satisfaction.
Pre- and Post-Program Assessments: Conducting assessments before and after the program can help gauge changes in participants’ leadership skills, knowledge, and behaviors.
Performance Reviews: Analyzing participants’ performance reviews before and after the program can provide insights into their growth as leaders and their contributions to the organization.
Behavioral Observations: Observing participants’ behavior in real work settings can offer qualitative insights into how they apply their newfound leadership skills and knowledge.
Business Metrics: Linking leadership development outcomes to key performance indicators (KPIs) can demonstrate the program’s impact on business results, such as improved team performance, increased productivity, and enhanced employee engagement.
Action Learning Project Outcomes: Assessing the success and impact of action learning projects completed by participants can provide tangible evidence of their leadership growth and problem-solving abilities.
Succession Planning: Evaluating whether the program contributes to a stronger leadership pipeline by preparing individuals for higher-level roles and responsibilities.
Retention and Promotion Rates: Analyzing the retention and promotion rates of program participants compared to non-participants can provide insights into the program’s long-term impact on career progression and talent retention.
Combining multiple evaluation methods can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the program’s effectiveness. Regularly reviewing and analyzing evaluation data allows organizations to make data-driven decisions, refine program design, and continuously improve the quality and impact of their leadership development initiatives.
We work closely with our clients to evaluate these success measures.

Yes, ME360’s leadership development programs can and often are tailored to specific industries. External and internal organizational challenges can vary significantly across industries, so ME360 uses a dialed-in strategy to address the unique needs of clients.

We tailor our leadership development programs to specific sectors and industries through the following:

• Industry-specific Table Top Discussions
• Guest Speakers/Subject Matter Experts
• Industry Trends Analyses
• Case-based Learning
• Industry-specific SWOT Analyses

This semi-customization enhances the practicality and relevance of our programs, resulting in more engaged participants and a higher likelihood of successfully applying the acquired skills to their leadership roles.

Yes, with the growing demand for flexible learning options, ME360 offers leadership development programs in online or hybrid formats. This virtual approach provides participants with the convenience of learning from anywhere while still incorporating interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Here are some of ME360’s common types of online or hybrid leadership development programs:

Online Sessions: These are live, interactive sessions conducted virtually, allowing participants to join from their computers or other e-devices. Participants can engage in facilitated discussions, breakout activities, and Q&A sessions with facilitators and other participants in real time.
Hybrid Learning Programs: Blended learning combines online components with in-person sessions. This approach offers a balance between flexibility and face-to-face interaction for a more comprehensive learning experience.
Virtual Coaching and Mentoring: Virtual leadership development may include one-on-one and small team coaching, or mentoring sessions conducted through video conferencing platforms.
Our online and hybrid programs provide several benefits, including accessibility, flexibility, and the ability to reach our clients anywhere regardless of their geographical location.
Organizations can justify the investment in ME360’s leadership development programs by considering the numerous benefits and positive outcomes these initiatives can bring.

Below are some justifications for investing in our leadership development programs:

• Accelerated promotability
• Greater talent retention
• Improved leadership skills
• Enhanced employee engagement
• Deeper Bench Strength
• Improved Team Performance
• Better Decision-Making
• Positive Organizational Culture
• Increased Organizational Agility
• Improved Business Unit Results

Implementing leadership development programs can present several challenges, which organizations need to address to ensure the success and effectiveness of these initiatives.

Some common challenges include:

Identifying the Right Participants: Including emerging leaders with the right mindset, motivation, and commitment to participate in the program is crucial.

Aligning with Organizational Objectives: Ensuring that the leadership development program aligns with strategic goals and addresses specific leadership gaps can be complex, especially in larger organizations with diverse departments and functions.

Gaining Leadership Buy-In: Securing support from top-level executives and leaders is essential for the success of the program. If leaders are not actively involved, it may hinder the program’s impact.

Time and Resource Constraints: Developing and implementing a comprehensive leadership development program requires time, effort, and financial resources. Balancing these constraints with other organizational priorities is important.

Program Design and Content: Creating a well-structured and engaging program with relevant content that addresses the specific needs of participants is fundamental, as different individuals may have varying developmental requirements.

Measuring Program Effectiveness: Determining the most appropriate metrics and methods to measure the program’s impact on leadership development and the organization is vital.

Sustaining Development Efforts: Ensuring that leadership development efforts are sustained over time and not limited to a one-time initiative is critical.

Overcoming Resistance to Change: Some participants may resist applying new leadership behaviors, reducing the ROI of the program investment.

Balancing Individual and Organizational Needs: Striking a balance between addressing individual leadership development needs and aligning them with the organization’s overall objectives can be a delicate task.

Customization for Different Levels: Tailoring the program to cater to participants at different leadership levels (e.g., emerging leaders, mid-level managers, directors) while maintaining coherence and consistency is essential.

Follow-Up: Ensuring that participants continue to apply and reinforce their leadership development learnings beyond the program’s duration requires ongoing support and follow-up.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Addressing the unique considerations related to DEI in leadership development programs can be challenging but critical for promoting equitable leadership opportunities.

Keeping Up with Modern Leadership Trends: Incorporating emerging trends and best practices in leadership development to remain relevant and effective can be a continuous challenge.

ME360 works closely with our clients to ensure their organizations can overcome the above challenges by carefully planning and designing their leadership development programs, engaging key stakeholders, measuring program effectiveness, and providing ongoing support and resources for program participants. This is essential to ensure that our leadership development initiatives yield positive and lasting outcomes.

The costs associated with participating in ME360’s leadership development program can vary based on several factors, including the program’s duration, format, content, and level of customization.

The most popular program includes 25 participants meeting 1-2 full days per month for 6-12 months.
Here are some common cost considerations:

Program Fees: ME360’s standard rates for pre-session preparation and post-session wrap-up are $400 per hour. Our standard rate for onsite facilitation is $600 per hour. These rates cover the cost of program design, session facilitators, program coordination, and administration.

Supply Costs: Some programs may incur a session supply cost and participant supply cost based on the program needs.

Assessment Costs: Some programs may include self-discovery assessments, which could involve additional costs based on the number of participants.

Travel Expenses: If the program includes in-person sessions outside a 25-mile radius of New Braunfels, Texas travel expenses are incurred to cover mileage, airfare, hotel accommodations, and/or meals.

Miscellaneous Expenses: Participants may need to budget for miscellaneous expenses, such as meals for participants, meeting space, networking events, supplemental learning materials, and/or service-oriented projects during in-person events.

Many organizations recognize the value of investing in leadership development programs as a means to cultivate strong leaders, retain talent, and drive organizational success, making the costs worthwhile when aligned with their strategic goals.

What Our Clients Are Saying

In 2018, the City of New Braunfels began our internal leadership development program, New Braunfels Leadership Academy (NBLA). The purpose of the academy is to focus on retaining and growing our leaders at all levels in the organization.

Since we began NBLA, ME360 has been a primary contributor to all program content, as well as direct involvement in the development of the course materials and activities. We are more impressed with the output every year.

Employee engagement and development have been a priority of the Human Resources Department for the last few years, and NBLA has been one of the efforts dedicated to providing our team with opportunities to grow, develop, contribute, and collaborate. The collaboration, relationship building, skill practice, and leadership development provided have been invaluable to our City team members.

I have no hesitation in recommending ME360 for any type of leadership development services and am confident in their abilities to assist your organization.”

Becca Miears
Human Resources & Risk Management Director

City of New Braunfels

“Since 2012, ME360 has been an indispensable partner in my company’s leadership development and strategic planning efforts. In the last two years their expertise allowed for the creation of a multi-month leadership training academy tailored to the unique needs of four electric utilities working as a group. This project demonstrates their unparalleled commitment to personalized and impactful leadership education. They attentively listened and adapted the curriculum based on participant and advisory feedback in planning and during implementation of the project. Their continuous evolution of offerings, tailored to the intricacies of municipal governance, makes ME360 not just a vendor but a fundamental part of our ongoing success. I highly recommend ME360 to any organization looking to elevate its leadership capabilities and achieve strategic excellence.”

David Hubbard
Chief Administrative Officer

New Braunfels Utilities

ME360 challenged our Public Works team to examine their leadership qualities from a new perspective through Clifton Strengths, Communication Style, and Conflict Resolution Style assessments coupled with an interactive virtual workshop training environment. The leadership training was carefully planned and customized specifically for our team. Thank you ME360 for strengthening our organization from the inside out!

Amber Beard
Director of Public Works

City of Colleyville

Our organization strives to represent the community with unmatched professionalism and effectiveness. ME360’s employee engagement survey and subsequent recommendations have placed us on a path internally to do just that.

Michael Meek
Former President-CEO

Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce

“My business was in a time of growth and expansion and I needed guidance on how to grow it legitimately and with scalability in mind. ME360 has helped immensely with their years of knowledge. From providing leadership guidance to HR and finance metrics and everything in between.

They have given me and my team the confidence to continue to grow and also help to hold us accountable for implementing the new frameworks we have put in place. I would recommend ME360 to any business owner looking to advance their company and their team.”

Mark Parmerlee

On The Grind Coffee

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Each ME360 leadership development program is built on a collaborative five-step process.


Get Acquainted

At your office or a local coffee shop, let’s connect to get to know each other and begin exploring how ME360 might be able to help.



We meet again to do a deeper dive into your pain points, organizational development goals, and ideal outcomes.


Diagnostic Interviews and Recommendations

ME360 conducts 1:1 diagnostic interviews with organizational leaders and key stakeholders, and provides several actionable short- and long-term recommendations.


Design and Development

ME360 collaborates closely with your leadership, HR or L&D groups to design and develop a tailored leadership development program.


Program Delivery

ME360 prepares and facilitates engaging and interactive sessions, incorporates real-time adjustments, and measures program success.